Fantasy Since Young

I grew up with and enjoyed progams like Little house on the prairie, The waltons and I love the outdoors. I have always had this fantasy of living up in the middle of nowhere being self sufficient. Well really my fantasy has always included a outdoorsy man.  Just enjoying each others company and creating a fun world. Hiking, and enjoying nature. Surviving without TV. Simple life of peace and quiet. I wonder if in reality I would like it. I guess it would depend on the other person in my life. A gentle rugged man.  Oh well, I don't think that will ever happen. I am past midlife now and I think it is time to let go of that dream. Its like something that I have always dreamt about in my life. But my reality has been so very different. I am closer to it now than I have ever been.

Cassandra Cassandra
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boedacia,<br />
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sounds like fun. I think I would have loved it when I was younger. As long as it was with a nice man.<br />
I am not sure I have the energy anymore. lol

Hey Cassandra, Have I got the state for you. There is a Book about Alaskan men called 'the odds are good, but the goods are odd, very very funny,lol! and too true, Good rugged outdoorsy men, been around a lot of them. <br />
If you are into the good women thing, there are a bunch of them who would appreciate you and many who are more into the partner type relationship. <br />
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Would you rather cook and clean or help with the wood water etc. the etc includes that crash out side in the dark at night! <br />
Me I help with the wood and water, but since I do most all of the cooking- he is in charge of what goes bump in the night. <br />
And You really have to more than love him, you have to be self entertaining, if you are a reader sewer artist, knitter, you will do fine. <br />
No nieghbors means privacy to pee out in the yard....(i use this word loosely, out on the edge of the wilderness is better discription, and out houses get you outside. If you run both ways, it can be part of your exercise plan;)... walk about without cloths, if the weather is fine and the squeets not to plentiful. <br />
But it also means you can't just run to the store or have a night out with the girls. <br />
"Some folks just ain't built for it." to quote a friend. It suits me perfectly but when i did live in 'town' I was a house hermit anyway. <br />
Go for it honey theres plenty of time to chill with the status quo after your dead!~ Carpe diem!

Australia has a great outdoor lifestyle however migration has given us a housing shortage that has seen land values skyrocket. The drought has driven a lot of men off the land but there are still a lot of men working in the mining industry who are a good catch. I prefer conservative American men though. Male attitudes to women from the era I grew up in turned me against Australian men. <br />
But don't spend another second worrying about your age. Most of us over 40 are going to keep our looks much longer exactly because we are indoors all the time.

never give up on your dreams...that's what i keep telling myself anyway. Easier said than done. Just because your over 40 sweetie, doesn't mean life's over.<br />
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LOL i'm over 40 and figure i got a few good years left in me!!! lol. I also loved to watch waltons and little house.<br />
great times!!

I like that fantasy...

What a great dream or fantasy! Especially that outdoors rugged man that comes along with the package!lol!