I just wish that I had that cabin and 100 square acres of land where nobody else lived so I could wake up and hear the silence of another wonderful day without people. Open the door and the windows to see and smell all of natures wonders without people messing it up.
TheCheese TheCheese
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1 Response Aug 5, 2007

Ya got to go way out to get that, but really that place does not exist, cause most remote areas do have people living in them. My nearest neighbor is a mile away. The highway is 3-21/2 miles depending on which trail head you are aiming for, the nearest town is 20 miles away and only has 600 people, but like the Feds were so fond of telling us in the 80's when they burned 100's of remote cabins, "Its not a frontier anymore" They even took 'the last frontier' off the license plates now it is 'north to the future', but people are people, your yard is just bigger, those that are nosey have a harder time finding you and the air is better, and the pretty little singers do sound sweet on a summer day. I encourage you to go for it, there are jobs and schools even in remote area's and the closer you are to the edge of the wilderness the easier it is to get out into it!