I Did Live In a Log Cabin In Ocala, Florida

I  WOULD  LIKE  TO  LIVE  IN  LOG  CABIN  IN  THE WOODS,  and  I  DID, in OCALA, florida.  IT HAD A LOVELY VERANDAH deck,  a large loft bedroom, a modern kitchen with a diswasher and one of those V ceilings, I can't remember what they are called now, with a lage V windows in it.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.  

It was one of my very favorite homes that I had!   

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I had a freind who made and sold such log cabins in New Zealand. He imported Redwood logs from America. Shipped them to Waihi at the ba<x>se of the Coromandel penninsula, and built them all over the North island. I nearly got ajob with him but some people you just dont hit it off with. My home there was built in the style of open space steep roof with small windows coming out of roof, but was not made of logs.

sounds so nice!

just lovely!

Yes..That's what it was. The cabin had a lovely surrounding verandah too.

Do you mean "cathedral" ceiling?