I Am Always The Little Girl Dreamin'

I hate living in the city! I live right across from a hospital, barf, there's a helicopter that flies above my house 24/7! And ambulances going up and down the streets! Firetrucks too! Ugh. I hate it! When I grow up I am movin' to the country! I'm going to have cats, dogs, and horses! A big house, wait, a 2-story house with a rap-around porch. I can already see it. Oh, only until I'm in and out of college. Can't wait for the freedom! It must be awesome living in the country! My bff lived in the country, she said it was beautiful! She had a horse, her cat (Whiskers), and her dog (Lexi). She told me it was wonderful! I REALLY BADLY want to live in the country!
TopKitten TopKitten
13-15, F
May 19, 2012