Fun In The Valley

It was fun living in the valley. When the streams came down from the mountains, the laurel, and flowers blossomed so magnificently. It looked like a flowered paradise. We all marveled at the beauty around us. A heavenly place on earth with wonderous angelic beauty. I never liked staying inside, especially when it was a beautiful day. Even in the rain, I loved to run and splash all around.

I was never bored, there was always something going on, or to do in the valley. There were always church, community, or family picnics. Barbecue smoking, and tables were always covered with food. Many times a friendly family that we knew would invite us over for their picnic as we were walking on by. Hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, potato salad, chips,apple pie, ice cream, and a lot of sweet tea filled our hunger with delight. Mom never cared, she would just wrap up all the leftovers for lunch the next day. We all lived like Hidden Valley where kids fought over carrots, celery, and tomatoes. We usually would dip them into creamy pools of wonderous, mysterious spread. No one would explain what they were. No one cared, it was just too good. There were so many cakes and pies they would put them on several separate picnic tables. I would grab a piece of cake or pie eat one piece and leaved it when I went out to have some fun. I guess many of the woman wondered why there were so many one bite of cakes left lying around.

There were always carnivals, festivals, church revivals, community fairs, arts and crafts shows, festivals, park musicals, rock and roll dances, holiday fireworks, parades, and much more than I can remember. I would meet with my friends and we always have a place to play or swim. Friday's we would watch movies, eat popcorn, candy sweets, and drink lots of soda. Mom made sure we brushed our teeth that night. It did not take us long to fall asleep.

The winter time was just as wonderful. Tons of fun playing in the snow. We would build snow forts, and act like snowbound cowboy and Indians. We went sleighing, ice skating, and had snow ice cream parties. Everyone had a snowman, or snowlady, and we would judge which one was the best.

The holidays were the best in town. The Christmas parade went right by our house. Grandpa was pleased he could stay inside and keep warm as he watched the parade go by. The parade would end at the Town Hall tree which they would light up with a lot of Christmas music and singing. The school nearby served hot chocolate, and Christmas cookies, cakes, and pies. Of course, my friends and I would run around, and have a good time. There were Christmas musicals, plays, church and town parties. I always got something special at the firehouse. One time we went to a special childrens movie time, and there were more cops there than kids. I guess they wanted to either keep a strict eye on us, or have a good time? Christmas time at home was the best, and we all had a beautiful time of gift giving, and holiday feasting.

The fall and spring times were just as wonderful. Apple fests, scarecrow contests, Easter bunny lunches, and Easter egg hunts which overflowed my Easter basket. There were just as many festivals, and fairs. There was always so much going on in my little valley town. Fun and super terrific times I would never forget. I praise God for all the good and happy times I did have. God gave me a bit of heaven in my small valley home town.
Alicehath Alicehath
56-60, F
May 1, 2013