Ready To Begin Just Looking For Companions

i am 27and i have spent most of my life studying and practicing survival skills mostly learning the hard way lol i was born and still live in mid-ohio usa grew up in the woods worked on my family farm joined an rotc program at 12 years old till i was 18 started working factory jobs and construction, even played with a few bands .but i am still missing something that primal urge to return to the woods and start over. ive been studying google map and checking into climates in the us trying to find an ideal location to spend the rest of my life but the down side is the Loneliness factor. by myself i know i could do it.. but its always going to be better with companions and friends who share the same view of things to get to the point im looking for like minded people who wish to do the same to simply be free post comments or send me an email im trying to save some cash for the supplys mind it wont be very much my main mode of transportation is by foot or bike ive stopped driving because of city life if you dont need to then why? but to get to the location or area i will be taking a bus or if the fellow traveler has a vehicle that would so if there is anyone interested get ahold of me!
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What about future catastrophe events? Do you want to survive those? (Next few decades)

those future catastrophe event dont bother me one bit your the one that will be stuck in the city dying and il be in the woods happy and thriving personally i wish that something would happen to take out half the population it might sound mean and cold hearted but it would over all help the planet survive besides when it does all come crashing down il be ready and you wont be

I am very interested...My dream is to live somewhere with lots of land, animals, a garden of fruits an veggies, a local river/stream/lake near by for fishing, possibly utilizing some kind of solar energy but im open to candles..I can cook, clean, hunt, make clothes, take care of animals and help build and sustain the property.. Weather doesn't bother me, except for extreme humidity and heat.. I have a car.. I'm very interested! Places I was thinking of were Montana, Oregon , Washington or northern california, but anywhere will do.. Please contact me. Thanks!!

Hey i am very interested in your idea i plan on living on land and don't want to do it alone message me and we can talk about it.

hey sorry for the delayed response iv been busy for a while so where ya from?

Tell me where is this ideal location?

near the great smoky mnt. ranges

i wish i could go i was planning to as soon as spring hits but im no where close to the US

Are you looking to have some type of ecovillage or just a few people? How do you feel about children?

nothing big 5 people at the most. i would rather be semi-nomadic having a few hunting grounds that we would travel between depending on the seasons, also to help the environment replenish itself basicly how the natives have done it,
couples with children would be fine lol if i was a kid i would die to do this

I would love to give it a try, but I'm too grounded. I have a house and a husband who wouldn't be able to just pick up an leave(and even though we've talked about living off the grid, I don't think we're on the same page). If I had no responsibilities I would love to join you. Good luck with your ventures!

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