I Love It

I hate it to wake up to the sounds of the so praised modern culture.

That's why I love to camp in the back of the old Russian military truck on the yard of my father in summer.

It's just great, totally quiet, you only hear the wind in the leaves of the old oak tree, above you and the near creek.

I remember the nights, making a campfire and watching the stars.

Several times I was surprised by wild boars, pheasants and deers, I love to watch them, these suckling boars and fawns are so cute.

I can't wait for the next summer, once again grilling something over open fire and watching stars and animals in tranquility.

Hacki Hacki
22-25, M
3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

lol that's cool

Me and my best friend have a promise that if we will fail in life we will go to live in a forest...I kind a wish already for it to happen.

that must have been awesome, colorado wow the landscape i only know from movies, i'm thinking about a trip through germany, i want to see the alps again and longer than i did the first time<br />
<br />
and yeah, to hell with big cities, i visited berlin several times, and everytime i had the feeling, that i don't belong in there, the noise, the traffic, the people, which are only determined to get from a to b and to notice nothing else than the sidewalk