Off The Grid And Outside Of The System

My dream is to live outside the system as much as practically possible. I plan to enlarge my garden and produce the bulk of my families food, preserving enough to take us to the next harvest. This year I'm getting berries planted. With different types and varieties the harvest can cover from spring to fall. I want to distill alcohol for fuel. I already harvest walnuts in the fall. I want to brain tan hides, and keep chickens and goats. Worms are easy to farm and sell and wild harvested morel mushrooms fetch a hefty price. I won't have a lot of cash, but I won't need much. I prefer barter when possible.

To a greater degree than most people stop to think about we are slaves to the system. Lives are centered about working for someone else and being compensated at the least level they can get away with. Then about half of that is taken in taxes. With what is left we buy factory produced foods and consumer goods produced in third world countries.

Thank you for the warning Mr Perot. I hear the giant sucking sound and am trying to move away from it. Mr Thoreau you are right. The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

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I am eager to live off the grod as well. I hate this system we live in. Its very unfair! But my concern is wht if we hhhave a disease tht requires constant medical care???

Good question. Similarly, what about a single person well along in middle age? It's one thing for a young couple, even with children, to withdraw from "the system" and live off-grid. There's no shortage of energy and wherewithal. But it's a very different matter to do so solo, or --- as the previous poster said --- with some sort of serious medical or financial obligation.

It's easier than you think...feel free to message me for any info you need.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm often a better talker than do-er. I'm happy for your achievements.

Hey. It is easy. We have been OFF-The-GRID and growing most of our food for over 5 years now. We also raise a small flock of chickens for eggs and some meat. We sell some eggs. We have solar adn wind for our electricity and most of our heat comes from a wood burning stove and the trees from the land we live on... The biggest keys:<br />
<br />
Buy land cheap<br />
Build small<br />
Build off the grid<br />
Use as much passive as possibly and keep your energy use low <br />
<br />