When I care about someone, even just as a friend, I wonder why the expression of love is taboo simply because there isn't an intent to form a monogamous pair.  As if it's only possible to love one person.  I'm a very touchy feely kind of person, love hugs, cuddling, kissing. 

I am often confused by inner feelings that urge me to reach out and love, physically/emotionally, that run counter to societies norms.

Is it simply because another who is special in our lives chooses our path? 

I have several "ex's" but i know that on some level I love each one still to this day. 

Maybe not for everyone, but for me, life would be simpler and infinitely more enjoyable, to be able to fully express all the love that I feel.  Instead of just that which others decide is appropriate.




daxisdave daxisdave
46-50, M
Mar 9, 2009