I'm painfully shy and an introvert. Help!
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I have the gift of humor otherwise I would be just like you, let's face it we're living in a strange world if you have friends it's ok to be shy

Well, I don't think shyness is supposed to hurt. I used to be shy--now most people I'm around wish I was, again. :-(

i'll be your friend

I will be your pal.

Hi so would you like to talk.


So may I ask you where you are from.

I'm in North Carolina. What about you?

I am in London :)

Fun! Another place I would love to visit!

Yes i have lived here 15 years and it's a great place to live :)

Where did you live before?

In the midlands

I'm going to nod and smile because I've not heard that description of England before. ;)

I used to live near Birmingham which is classed as the midlands as it's in the centre of the country :)

Oh. Got it. :)

Hey, I'm also in North Carolina--southeastern coast. In what part of the state do you live?

Charlotte! You?

Sunset Beach. I know very few people in Charlotte.

Love it!

Cool. I actually grew up here. One of the few natives. I do need to visit the Queen City soon. It's been several years since I was there, and I'm sure they've made enough changes to the roads to get me disoriented again.

I've been in the area for most of my adult life and drive these roads every day and I STILL get disoriented from the changes! Lol

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