Meet Other Plastic Pants And Plastic Bag Fetish Lovers.

I love to wear  my plastic pants to  work knowing I,m getting all sweaty , the smell and feel excites me enough to have to **********, knowing my work colleagues have no idea how randy Im getting.

when Im this excited I like to get a plastic bag and put over my head to get the feel of sweat over my face along with struggling for air.

If  I,ve time I will put a butt plug in which has ball bearing in that vibrates , vinyl gloves and re-breather hood ( plastic again ) on. Getting aroused just writing this!!

Basically when I put on my plastic pants I have to put every thing on gloves, plastic bag over head and sometimes pvc sauna suit to get all steamy and sweaty. If my wife goes away I sleep in it, ************ through the night which adds to the sweaty feel and aroma !The best feel is sweat rolling down my face whilst the plastic bag sucking in against my face making me gasp for air; my butt plug all the time vibrating against my prostrate.Im definitely straight just adds to personal enjoyment. Are there any females or anyone that  like the same kinkyness ?

camperman camperman
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Has anyone played with dry cleaning bags? OMG They are the softest plastic around!!! Love those and soft sweaters!

I have some experience of this, see my story, it was fun...

I have some experience of this, see my story, it was fun...

There is nothing better than the feeling of plastic on the skin. It warms the body and thrills the soul. I like total enclosure. The feeling of swimming in plastic just takes me to another place were all I can do is let it wash all over me.

I told everything about my fetish to my wife.She allpws me to play with my loved bags.She don't understand ahd is a little bit scared but ,at last she xxxxxxxxxx me and makes me xxx.<br />
Oh by the way, i live in the north of Italy

Just a comment, have you approached your wife about your fondness of plastic? Worked for me..

hey to all the plastic bags and plastic pants lovers who cares if ppl will look at us for wearing plastic bags or plastic pants as underwear i wear plastic bags as underwear cuz it makes me feel good and happy less we not hurting are self or others i hope ppl will understand one day add me as a friend if you like the username is brianiceage and i look at ppl who wear plastic bags or plastic pants as underwear i think its better cool we making homemade underwear and wear them and i love plastic bags i never wear plastic pants befor but yeah just hope ppl will look at us plastic bags or plastic pants lovers as the same thats my story for all the plastic lovers out there i was 8 years old when i got into this stuff now im 18 now

i love wearing plastic bags as underwear i wear them as panties and thongs and i make plastic bags mini skirts to

I love it! Love the same stuff as robycellophane wish that was me right now!

I love to collect plastic bags and play with them! Where are you folks from just wondering? I am from midwest USA and love grocery bags from Kroger, Giant Eagle, Walmart, Dollar Stores, Goodwill and ****'s Sporting Goods (that is my favorite for obvious reasons).

I play the same , totally covered in plastic bags.I bag my head too keeping an hole for breath.

You need to try bagging. Obviously there is hole in bag just enough to let you breath,but only just so to maximise sweat.