Praying In The Spirit In Other Tongues

I pray and sing in other tongues. It is the language of the Holy Spirit, but God gives the gift for it to be interpreted by humans. Sometimes I start praying in my understanding, and I am then praying in tongues, or I can start in tongues and pray into my understanding. In the Bible scripture says praying in the Spirit is praying the unknown, the secrets of God. If I pray in the Spirit long enough, sometimes I can end up in Holy ghost laughter, and boy does it work wonders like a potent medicine!

I pray in tongues because it is more powerful than praying in my understanding. By the way, when I am using the word "pray" I do not mean asking for my needs or the needs of others only. For me praying is a form of fellowship with the triune God.  When praying in tongues, or the Spirit, as I prefer to call it, it is a conversation with the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is full of revelation, and I am incredibly refreshed, focused, and at peace when I am done. Praying in tongues is something I do at any given time, but I do not do it in public or loudly. It is written in scripture that it is not to be done in public unless there is someone with the gift to interpret the tongues, and we are not to call attention to ourselves when we pray..

I have attended prayer meetings where the entire room is praying in the Spirit. It is such a melodious sound; a symphony unlike any I have ever heard. I wish I could attend meetings like that every day.

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Thanks for sharing. It might help the vocabulary if you spend lots of time in worship and prayer (even if you end up repeating the same words a lot at first).<br />
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Words in the Spirit have multiple la<x>yers of meaning, like everything else. So it's not bad when they get repeated a lot.

I agree, Buckley4U. My tongues vocabulary has grown extensively through use. I find fervent pray and petition has caused it to grow quickly for me.

I remember in the 1980s at Full Gospel Business Men's meetings when people would sing in the Spirit. It was the most amazing thing. The harmony of it was incredibly beautiful. Even more astounding, everybody stopped all at the same time without any worship leader telling them when. When that happened you knew most likely one person would be prompted by the Spirit to give a message in tongues, which would be followed by an interpretation. I haven't heard the likes of that for years.<br />
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I heard a tape of the Toronto Blessing in the 1990s. A roomful of people were making spooky sounding noises like they were recording some soundtrack for a haunted house exhibit, with some making animal noises. The contrast sickened me.<br />
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I have never been able to sing in tongues. And except for brief periods I have not had "fluency" in my prayer language. It's been monotonous. I have not felt the kind of anointing on it that you describe. I would appreciate you saying a prayer for a fuller release of my prayer language.

Conceptualclarity, I am praying for you to have a break through in your prayer language. I am not sure you are to have a large vocabulary. Only God knows that. It is kind of like preachers or evangelists who have been given one message and that is all they go around sharing. Maybe you have not been given dialog but a message instead. Is there a particular time or situation when you have a greater sense or urgency to speak in tongues?

I do not know how long you spend praying in the Spirit, but Paul says to pray in tongues until you receive the gift of prophesy because prophesy is better because it edifies the Body of Christ. I interpret this to mean frequently spending long periods of time praying in the Spirit.

It has been said that speaking in tongues cannot be taught. I can agree with that to a point as the utterance comes from the Holy Spirit and will be different for each of us or should be, but exercising/using our language leads to it maturing to whatever it is predestined to become. I have heard people sound almost exactly the same, and I often wonder about that. Did they learn it from someone or are they imitating others. My response to this being similar to your comment on the Toronto Blessing.

My first words sounded like slaughtered Spanish, and the clearest word sounded like sangre, which is blood in Spanish. I did not want to say what I heard inside of me when I was asked after responding to my second salvation altar call in two services. I did not know what the Baptism in the Holy Spirit was nor what tongues was. I was handed a booklet to read. Then I saw my 6 year old praying in the Spirit. Her Sunday school teacher asked me if she was born again when I went to pick her up from church classroom. She was 15 days old in the Lord as was I. This was her first day in this new church as was mine. We both accepted Jesus on a Saturday, Christmas eve and that Sunday was the first post-holiday service. I was concerned when I went to get my child because I could not get my child. The teacher released all the other children first, and he kept asking me to wait. No one went in the room. All children came to the door and left with their guardian. Then he let me in the room. My second born was sitting in the puppet hut. Her eyes were closed. Her face was tilted upward and streaked with tears, yet peace was all over her face. She was speaking in a dialog I had never heard. The teacher told me, "We prayed the prayer of salvation as a class and your daughter was filled with the Holy Spirit. She is speaking in other tongues." He then asked me if I knew what that was. I showed him the booklet I had been given by the altar care worker. I told him my experience, and he told me to spend time praying my few words. He told me to relax, clear my mind of all worries and distractions, and to just say whatever sounds roll off my tongue. I followed his instructions for a long time. Each night as I was going to sleep I thanked the Lord for my day and I would pray in my prayer language. I would actually pray myself to sleep in the Spirit. I do not know how long it was that I did this. I still do it, but not habitually. My prayer language vocabulary and the power/boldness in my spirit grew.

It is because I naturally hum while I work or sing tunes or a little self made melody that I also sing in the Spirit. Those same few words were words I would set to a tune rolling around in my head as I washed dishes, folded laundry, sewed, waited in line, and etc. Soon enough I was singing choruses in the Spirit. My vocabulary was growing as I continued to just let my tongue speak from my spirit.

I encourage you, Conceptualclarity, to not think about what you hear yourself say, but to just say it. Do it when you shower. Do it in your head without letting the words out. Try not to be concerned about monotony and just exercise your ability to relax and let the Spirit speak through your spirit. I believe with practice your spirit will learn to speak back with boldness.

Thank you.