Language Of The Spirit

I came to Christ when I was twenty years old. I was very stiff-necked towards the idea of God before that for years. I attended a church in Toledo, OH when an evangelist was there to speak. He gave a very spirit-filled message and then asked everyone to stand out in the aisle and put their right hand on the person in front of them's shoulder. Then he asked for the Spirit to be poured out and layed hands on the first person in each row. It was amazing because you could see each person in front of you one by one get hit with the Holy Spirit. Then it filled me. I'll never forget it. I felt a covering come over me like a blanket or a hug. I had an amazing tingle all over my body. I immediately began speaking in tounges. My jaw started to quiver and it just burst out of me. So many people that day were speaking in tounges it was incredible. I will never forget it. Since then I have spoken in tounges many times. When I do I can feel that my spirit is crying out to God. I usually cry because I can feel the pure emotion and desire for God in me. I have also noticed that it happens more often when I am seeking Him regularly, and when I become a little too busy with life and don't spend time with God as much it happens far less. I always feel comforted and pure love when I speak in tounges.
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I know the feeling. It truly is a personal relationship with the big guy, I feel compelled to pray like this at certain times. Have you ever been awakened to pray in tounges? Its exhilarating!