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  As a Roman Catholic I never heard anything about this.  There has to be more about God than just going to Mass every Sunday and confession once every few months. 

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I just wanted to make one thin clear healedhearted. You can receive the Holy Ghost at home by your bedside in prayer and he will speak you in tongues and you don't need no interpretation. When I received the Holy ghost, I was at home and I was praying so hard and crying out to the Lord and telling him how much I loved him, I was just so caught up in prayer nothing around me existed. I was saying, I love you Jesus!, I love you Jesus! and I began to notice it wasn't coming out in english, it was coming out in another language but I knew what I was saying. That's the gift of the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues and I didn't need no interpreter. The "GIFT OF TONGUES" is one of the nine gifts meant for interpretation into english is for edification of the church is explained in Corinthians and too many people get them mixed up. In Jesus name! Michael

HealedHeart I love your honesty and it shows you have a pure heart and an open mind and I know God loves you so much for that. Acts 2:38 Peter said repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sin and ye shall receive "THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST", this promise is to you and to your children and to those that are afar off. We which was once was once afar off are made nigh by the blood of Jesus Christ, so the promise is for us today still. Read the entire book of Acts carefully with an open heart and open mind. The bible tells us that the tongue is one of the smallest members of the body but it's the hardest to control. That's why God chose it as a sign that you have totally submitted your heart, soul, and mind over to him in prayer and your inner spirit will make that ultimate connection with the spirit of God and you began to speak in tongues and that is for yourself edification to let you know that God inhabit your body and you are the temple of his holy spirit. Some people confuse the "Gift of Tongues" with the "Gift of The Holy Ghost". Here's the difference, the Gift of Tongues is for the edification of the church. God speaks a member in tongues and then another member will follow with an interpretation in English and it's suppose to help the church, or it may be a direct warning. The Gift of The Holy Ghost speaking in tongues is for everybody. If you read in the book of Acts, some said even the gentiles received the Holy Ghost. Somebody replied how do you know they did, they answered, "We heard them speak in tongues!". Jesus said, the comforter shall come in My Name! So if you seek for the Holy Ghost, ask for it in the Blessed name of Jesus! Many Blessings! Michael

Wow this is from 2009! Came across it and just wanted to say if you have not already received the gift of tongues find a charismatic catholic prayer group or priest. They do and can fill you in and get you there. It is a gift from God and precious as any gift from the Father would be. Also if you study the sc<x>riptures the Catholics used to use (not sure if they still do ) for confirmation you will find it is listed as one of the gifts that should be imparted. Many years ago when studying to receive my confirmation I asked the nun about that gift she said it passed away....not so..<br />
I left the Catholic church 40 years agolooking for a more in depth relationship with God and found it. I believe with all my heart this was done at His leading. You have to seek him...there is truth in that church....not as available as it is in others. God bless you.

Speaking in tongues is not rare. I can't count the number of Christians I know who do, and I do myself. There is no record I know of in church history of it being imparted "for the teaching of the gospel to those of a different native language." So far as I know, God has always expected missionaries to go to the trouble of learning new languages in the ordinary way.<br />
<br />
There are two distinct functions for glossolalia (speaking in tongues). One is for public worship, in which only one person at a time speaks as specially prompted. In this circumstance, there is always supposed to be an interpretation--in effect a prophetic oracle--given by that or another person. (However the person to whom the interpretation came may choose to be bashful.) This is the "gift" of tongues referred to in I Corinthians 12 with which only some believers may be expected to be endowed.<br />
<br />
The second and vastly more common function of glossolalia is "praying in (or "with") the Spirit," commonly referred to among Full Gospel Christians as the "prayer language." This is for the spiritual edification of the believer (I Cor. 14:4, Jude 20) and for the ability to pray beyond what the limitations of our knowledge permit (Eph. 4:18; there is an analogous principle in Rom. 8:26-7, which I do not believe refers to glossolalia.) There is no grounds for believing that any true Christian is ineligible to experience this second form of tongues (although Full Gospel Christians believe on the basis of the study of the book of Acts that receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit is necessary for receiving tongues). In fact Paul said "I wish that you all spoke in tongues" (I Cor 14:5) and Jesus Himself said that speaking with new tongues would be a sign accompanying "those who have believed" (Mark 16:17).

Very interesting. There are some cases where people have miraculously spoken the native languages or dialects of others around them, without knowing. But yes, foreign missionaries generally learn the languages of the countries they go to.

it is also "prayer language in the spirit between you and jesus'

There is definitely more about God than going to Mass and confession. <br />
Read Acts chapter 2 for starters. =) Paul addresses the topic of speaking in tongues as well. Speaking in tongues is a controversial thing among various groups of Christian denominations. Some (like Pentecostals) believe it to be a sign of the personal and individual infilling of the Holy Spirit. Some believe it is the only sign of the Holy Spirit, while others believe it is one of the many gifts of the Spirit and signs of His infilling. Others believe that speaking in tongues only happened before the Canon of sc<x>ripture was completed and is not something to happen in modern days. <br />
My own personal beliefs: speaking in tongues is just as relevant to today's world as it was when Paul was writing his epistles. I do not believe it is the only sign of the Holy Spirit, nor is it necessary for salvation, but I believe it is one of the many signs of a person being filled with the Holy Spirit. Speaking in tongues is only one of the gifts of the Spirit, so it is not something that everyone will experience.<br />
Feel free to message me for more discussion. =)

Some people refer to it as the infilling of the Holy Spirit. It is when the spirit comes upon you and you become very driven, passionate and urgent about you faith, your calling and your mission. More revelation can be found in the Book of Acts. Some denominations place more emphasis on it than others.<br />
It signaled the coming of the Holy Sprit to the earth and the beginning of his work here after Jesus finished work on earth and his ascension to heaven.