Im 15

im 15, im a guy and would like to meet girls that like to wet there pants

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I remember the first time this happened to me. As a young teenage boy several of us had been to the movies and our chaperone came to fetch us. There were seven of us "kids " in the car and one of the girls who I have known all my life, was sitting on my lap in the car on the way home. Just out of instinct I started to tickle her, and she was laughing so much that she started to pee herself. It ended up going through her panties and into my trousers and over my ****. God it was wonderful feeling, and when she had finished she just looked at me and gave me a cheeky smile. We kept that to our selves, and often when we were alone, she would take of her dress or shorts, and the sit on my lap facing me and then pee through her nylon panties and onto me. It then lead to full on peeing on each other and ulimately sex. fantastic for a number of years. sadly we both moved and I have no idea where she is today. That was my first experience and its never been my last. My wife now enjoys doing it so we have fun at home and with a girfriend of hers

I thought it was strange at first, but nice seeing that I am not alone with the same feeling. There is something eroctic about wetting in my jeans and underware. The aroma is an afrodesiac , if that's spelled right. Would love to hear from others who feel the same way. Just hope no one thinks I'm nuts. Well who care anyway!!!!<br />
<br />
Thank to all

i love yo wet my pants.<br />
at least twice a day.