All New To Me.

Being a Bisexual male is new to me. I find myself getting all worked up over men that are hairy, but nicely trimmed. The other day My wife and I were going thought photos for naked men, to my surprise her and i have some what the same taste in men. there are a few things i like that she doen't. i like pierced nipples and she does not, i like more hair on my guy and she like them less hairy. It is so nice to talk about this this to my wife. I have felt so different inside, for the best. I can now act myself and if i feel a guy is sexy i know that i can go and tell her and not feel ashamed about it. I love my wife so much that me coming out to her has renewed our marrage and sex life. We went from having sex once a month to having sex 3-5 times a week. Our comunication level has gone up and I have fallen more in love wife it is like we are dating all over again. I think even our kids have seen a difference in us, we are happier, we show more affection to a point where our daughter thinks it is gross. I am so happy with me. my wife, my family, and my life.
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May 4, 2012