I Would Like to Meet More People Like Me

well i been out for a yr now. so im always meeting someone who is too straight or too gay or too lesbian. where are the bisexuals like me?who have been in this lifestyle for awhile.iam also married to the opposite sex and im looking for bi people who are faithful to their spouses while being who they are. i guess im looking for an example.iam thinking of ways to be me that could mean a broken marriage.i often hear that the bisexual community is not as visible as the straight, gay and lesbian communities. so im looking for new friends who understand me.

bilady bilady
31-35, F
7 Responses Sep 8, 2008

I'm bi and have always been faithful to my partners

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I get you!!

I understand you completely.

I have struggled for a long time about my feelings. I loved men but also women and it's true that in the gay world they cannot understand what you feel and how this is possible to be interested in women or in men. Where can I go out to find more people like I am?

Just be you, and you will find somebody. The biggest danger is in giving up and not being true to yourself.

hey i understand you!!