Miss Jocelyns Dream Partner

i would like to meet someone who can speak black and can speak white who knows where Bhutan is and knows where Booty is who likes Johnny Cash and Grandmaster Flash ( apologies to Kid Rock ) who could make love to a man or a woman with equal ease ,who watches the PBS News Hour and Family Guy someone who reads books on Politics and books about ***** someone who has spent the night in a college dorm room and a jail cell someone who smokes bud and pays taxes....just rambling i guess
JocelynJ JocelynJ
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Squeezed like a yam between India and China?

haha but do you know where BOOTY is?

Hey Jocelyn,<br />
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Add me as a friend and we can chat, although I'm not your dream partner. I do know where Bhutan is, Though! :)<br />
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Oh, and nice avatar!!<br />
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Toodles,<br />