My Women Pooping Fetish

Its been a while since I've seen a live woman have a good health BM. All I have are hundreds of EFRO vids & pics, For those who dont know what EFRO means its an acronym for Erotic Female Relieving Observance. Some of the girlfriends I had got really turned on when they pooped; they loved the sensations their logs gave their buttholes as it slid out sometimes to ****** with the help of a litttle **** play. This got me so hot & aroused that sometimes I would *** in my pants. Oooh! such an awesome experiance. I want to meet a woman who gets turned on by pooping & lets me watch her.
robbyjoe robbyjoe
51-55, M
1 Response Jun 24, 2011

As a woman who is very sexually open minded, and sadly had a lengthy stay in hospital where the urges of my body (ie. Bowel movement) often came at times when I was quite sexually aroused. (One can spend only so much time on LL website and not find an appealing man...tee, hee!!) The mixture of the 2 experiences, literally and figuratively, had never occurred before that. My non-hospital (prior normal sex life) had involved the vanilla version of being sexually aroused and having a man come with me to the toilet service me as it were, licking me clean afterwards. The connection of the actual pooing and being turned on was close but not there then. It is now, and quite frankly, I am wondering how this never 'came' (excuse the pun!) to me before. <br />
Truly, this is complete and total intimacy between men and women, and is very hot.