I Am A Girl And I Can Pee Standing Up! Let Me Show You How!

hey I am a girl and I know how to pee standing up! it is quite easy and 4 u ladies who wanna know how read this!




1. wash ur hands

2. grab a cloth in case you dribble

3. pull down ur pants and panties or whip the pantis to the side (when u start out i would just take EVERYTHING OFF)

4. take your hand and make a V shape with your 2 middle fingers.

5. put ur fingers in your vulva and pull upward

6. tilt back and shift pelvis forward

7. PEE! let go!

8. stop quickly so there isn't dribble



I would pracice this in the shower b4 u try the toilet!

good luck!

katieharkemarules katieharkemarules
12 Responses Mar 24, 2010

So this may be an odd question. can somebody send me a video teaching me how to stand and pee? It would be helpful to see everything happening-the finger placement, how to direct the flow. I am a girl, interested in guys only, but I want to learn how to do this alone, so....please?

most of goans ladies pee standing up. One can see the fisher women & vegetable vendors can be seen peeing standing up behind the markets. Mostly they wear sarees or skirtts. They do not wear under pants. They stand & pull saree or skirt forward & comfortably pee. You will no see any drippings on the legs.

Yeah I go outside though toilets are boring

this is very interesting to me, i would like to actually see a girl do this. and the funny thing is, i pee sitting down most of the time.

Thanks for the tips. I tried this outside for the first time and I was very unsuccessful (I had to run inside to finish peeing). My boyfriend was watching, I was nervous, and we were outside in my backyard with one of my parents home; we didn't want to get caught. I think I need to work on the V-shape with my fingers and separating the labias. I was doing pretty good for a while, but then I stopped practicing.

It helps if you spread both sets of labia before you pull upward. Sometimes if you do this first you may find you don't need to pull up at all, depending on the "natural angle" of your urethra.

Lol @ Rachael74. Nice literal interpretation there :-)

I'm a guy but back when I was a child ( under 12 ) My best friend was the girl that lived across the street from me, we did a lot of things together hiking, fishing and she always peed standing up, I can only remember seeing her squat once.

Ah peeing standing up is easy. I can even do it while walking. My panties get wet, but I like them that way. Wearing a longer skirt hides and tracks on my hose. Just need to be careful what kind of shoes I buy and wear.

I've gotten pretty good at it myself. I actually skipped the shower and just used the toilet for practice. I find it easier with out using my fingers cause there is not as much in the way of spray. I seem to aim better without the fingers.

Yah. I tried when I was like 4 or 5 years old (guys stood y cant I?) i made a mess and my mom told me how girls pee...WEll a few yrs ago I read an article online about how to do it. I started to practice in the shower (if i aim poorly I am not gonna make too big of mess lol) Then I transfered to the toilet..I aim almost perfect now :)

Have you ever tried the urinals?