United We Stand

It is my belief that not only our nation, but the world in general is moving toward an era that is primarily based on the control of the people. The most effective way for a government to control its people is to create poverty stricken societies or allow the people to become dependent upon the services (the government) provides for them. Every nation must have a welfare system due to the inevitable essence of poverty, but it is my belief that the welfare system should be structured in such a manner that promotes or influences the individual to strive to regain their financial independence, not to acquire the desire to become more dependent on the system. A government which excessively promotes welfare is, in my opinion, trying its best to get its citizens dependent on their government. If an individual is dependent on the government to eat and feed their family, and the government instructs them to "do this or do that" or else they financial aid will be cut off, the individual is forced to do what is asked, or ordered. Many individuals believe that accepting money from the government without working is "getting over on the government" but our government is smarter than that. The government is actually obtaining control of the people. There is nothing wrong with an individual accepting help to get back on the feet (financially), but if there is no desire by the individual to become a supporter of their society than they are bringing society down.

The government knows this and is using the greed of the people against them. Once the wealthy clearly see's that our government has set out to bankrupt them they will leave the country and take their wealth with them; they will take their jobs with them, they will take the entire national economy with them. When there are no more wealthy individuals to tax into the ground who do you think will receive the blunt of the financial tax burden of this country, the middle and low class. What happens if you are dependent upon the government for money, food, healthcare, shelter etc. and the government is bankrupt? the degradation of society and our nation will increase ten fold.

You see... It use to be a Republican v/s Democrat thing, but not any more. there are organizations which function on a global scale that are not tied to any one nation and, currently manipulate the world to function as they see fit. These organizations have far more power than any nation’s president or government because they use money as a weapon. They do not go to war with nations, these organizations force nations to go to war with other nations. these global organizations have the power and the means to create a national economical collapse over night. Nothing can be more frightening then waking up and your country being in chaotic anarchy.

The question is what are we doing about it? I would like to find a way to protect myself if this ever comes about. I would like to know that there are others I can depend on for help, and I would like to be able to offer help to others. Many people either don't care about this or believe they can prepare for it. You can't prepare for this. It’s not about how much food you have stored away; it’s not about how many guns you have or how much money you have. It all depends on how many people are in your organization. A nation divided is weak, a nation united is strong. I propose that we as like-minded individuals unite and form an organization to help protect us from what is to come.

What do you propose we do?

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Dec 2, 2012