The Only Way To Travel (apologies To Toad Of Toad Hall)

I haven't had a goal on EP yet - and this is my first. Starting out small, with something that is attainable at least.

I'd like to ride a recumbent bicycle. They look very comfortable and are supposed to be quite economical in terms of kilometres travelled per effort expended. I've just never seen one in a shop! They're always specially built and you have to travel to people's backyards or garages to test-ride them. Must try harder!

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So, any news on your recumbent? I plan to get one myself. I live in the midwest in the States so there are a few places I can go to test drive one. I plan to do that this fall and get one next spring if all goes well. They are not cheap. I am looking at a very low end bike. The Sun EZ 1. It is still a good quality bike for a beginner but is fairly heavy even for a recumbent. At $715.00 US dollars it is at the very low end of the price range for all recumbents, at least in our area, and yet it is still 10 times as much as a low end 'sit on top' bike. I paid less last year for a little car for my son to drive around town. <br />
I would love to hear if you have one yet and if so, how you like it.<br />
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Ha ha ha ha... I think I'd like to try this too...

Roj, you have a sensible head there must be one good bike on the net. It could be ur lucky day. Keep surfing.<br />
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Roj, you can have the Ode to Autumn then. A scattering of apples from Socrates completes the picture.

Oh Jo, they're all probably in spring somewhere. It's autumn here so we've never associated St George's day with daffodils! Maybe new season's apples?<br />
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You'd need to be rugged up to ride at the moment - can imagine that the riding is good in summer over there. There are places that sell recumbents on the net - if only they could offer a test ride via the net too!

I do travel sometimes, the thought of an unwinding country lane ... yet the weather is still chilly. I wish I could ride, but I'll be patient for those warmer days. Are there any recumb. bikes for sale on the net?March 1 St. David's Day will be for any Welsh Aussies, no daffodils<br />
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however this year.Where are the creamy, crowded flowers?

Definitely a trial ride required Jo. And there are a few different designs too... which is why it's all a goal rather than a story! Do you get around the green and pleasant land on a bike in the right weather?

Just a thought worth taking a trial ride, one day perhaps. I am fondly attached to that bike, good luck on the recumbent.

LOL...can't be ridden in one would dare here...too cold! But then there are snowmobile riders...they don't look like they feel cold. I'm going to see when summer hits...

Sylph I bet there are recumbent riders hidden away all over your country. There seem to be quite a few here - and they are favoured by long-distance cyclists too. Although don't think they're snow capable...

This is so cool...must let us know how it will work out for you...I wonder if we have this bicycle here...hmmm...probably not at this time of the year. LOL

Certainly no shortage of space here Jo. A penny farthing I've always been intrigued by, but never really wanted to ride one any distance. The opposite of the recumbent really! Both inefficient and also probably fairly uncomfortable...<br />
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Have you ever ridden a penny farthing?

A recumbent bike, interesting at least you will have plenty of space to ride it . Ever thought of riding the penny farthing, Roj?

Interesting idea for an exercise bike, LV...

I want a recumbent bike, but a stationary one.

Thanks for the suggestion, Sage. I've built plenty of things in my time and figure that there are times when you know you'll do as well as anyone else, and other times where it is better to have the benefit of someone else's experiences. This is one of those (latter) I think!

Oh lala! Compared to bending over I thought they looked really good... at least your wrists wouldn't get tired and numb from having your body weight on them. What's your idea of comfort in a bike??

They just look really uncomfortable...