Sorry, This Is Long Over Due

As several people here know I was going through an extremely difficult emotional time several weeks ago. I'm not going into details because those who this is for already know what it was about. I will say, it was a VERY long 6 or so weeks that are thankfully and by the grace of God over and with a positive end.

It was a hard time, I was out of my element in many ways and dealing with something I had never imagined having to go through. I was sad, scared, worried and confused. I held to hope and for the first time in as long as I can remember, genuinely needed people. I am happy to say that so many of my friends answered this call with amazing action. Here is my list of thank yous, in no particular order, you all have done more for me through this than I can ever say.

Angel (we will leave it at that, the rest of your username will probably change, lol) talking to me and giving me support and optimistic advice even through your own doubts, was more helpful to me than you can imagine. Thank you.

DrCynic, keeping me laughing even through tears, giving me hope when I didn't think I had any left, occupying my time when I was otherwise alone with my thoughts and left to dwell on the worst possibilities, you too gave me support even when you were less than optimistic. You are a great friend and a wonderful person. Thank you.

I made new friends during this time too. NewDay, you have probably been my greatest source of support, you have understood my situation better than anyone else, you came into my life when I was literally out of hope, and you encouraged me to not give up, to keep my faith and to look forward to things getting better. When all of my friends had all but given up and were telling me to let it go, you told me to think of the good, to stay positive, it would all be OK. You have given me someone to talk to about something so few understand, and you get it on a level no one else does. You are an amazing friend who I am so happy to have met. Thank you.

The list goes on but for the few mentioned here I owe my deepest gratitude.

I also need to thank, EricS, TheRealWoman and TinyTurtle, you all were extremely helpful to me as well, Thank you.

To anyone else I may have missed I'm sorry and I do thank you, but like I said this is long over due and my memory on the subject is failing. Hugs and kisses to everyone.


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That was such a caring and loving thing to do.