Maybe I Don't Always Come Off As Kind and Caring

That's probably because I get ticked off when I see people trying to use EP to further their own agenda, whatever that might be.

Try to think of others first while you're on EP, and you won't go far wrong.

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5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

thanks robert and enna....its only words that we exchange but they can either make us or break us<br />
we must be careful not to hurt others feelings...which is so easily done if we don't choose our words wisely <br />
but on the other hand we can inspire and warm peoples hearts with a few encouraging and kind words<br />
<br />
thanks rh again for the wake up call...i've learnt alot here that has helped me with my real life and how i react to a..holes that i have to deal with everyday at my job<br />

Goodonya Robert! Jinda's agenda is one many of us support. You rock!!

ah jinda, i know what your agenda is and I fully support it :)

hmmmm.....robert your advice is well heeded by me as usual ...<br />
i'm normally very kind and supportive to my friends here and random members and i don't ramble about myself to much .......<br />
but i do have an agenda, it is not a personal one or one that i intentionally set out to do here at EP ...<br />
but there are certain issues that affect us all from day to day and the future generations, that i am compelled to post here as a way of de-stressing and raising awareness of the things that haunt my mind.... <br />
<br />
but i must think of others as you so wisely stated....i do tend to be a bit righteous about my passions and must remember that my opinion and how i see things is just one little ol' grannies version .....i must remember that others opinions are the right one in their world and how they understand things to be <br />

I completely agree - we have to stop dehumanizing others on here. Most of the people that have come here found this sited due to some challenge in their life - I know I did. And the support and friends I have made is overwhelming to say the least. Thank you RH for putting this out there!! <br />
That is one reason I feel so bad that the confessions on here have been taken over as a playground. Too sad.