My Sanctuary

This is the place I come to, either to rant or to have fun. I feel safe enough to share most of my situations here, past and present. And there is nowhere else on the net that I feel this way. =p

I have noticed a few new and rude people joining this site. And some older members, who had once abandoned their profiles and came back rude, starting fights and anxieties. I do hope this is a short phase and these types will fade away.

But, I really do hope that EP remains a kind and caring place... like it was when I first joined it. :-)

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

well I can only hope that I am left to just be myself with out people judgeing me,today has been a very strange day,in that I found out that this girl or girls are being very mean in that they tricked me into coming here so they could make fun of me at school,I really think that is mean,it makes me feel trust could be limited to a choosen few,I hope that all my friends left on my cicle remain real,and you may think you can get by with faking when you say you want to be friends,but I am turning on my super powers and I won,t let you in.sorry for this crazy talk I just want real people talking to me,ok???????so can just anybody read your stuff or can you limit it to your friends in your cicle,and can other friends of your friends read your stuff or can you make it so it just goes to your circle?????I want everyone to be kind,try just for a sick moment in your busy lives to feel what your brothers and sisters feel, have compassion for one another,love and light mary

I am totally in agreement with you1 EP is the friendliest place to come home to. i love it here.. I was an addict after three days! I have only been here about six or seven weeks but I think it's way better than anywhere else i have seen. =P

I hope so too! I have been a member here now for about a year and a half and this is my favorite site! I love it here!

I hope so too! =)