The Latest Thing That's Making This Place Not.

Recently there has been this wave on here of a small group of people who really are up to no good.  They are a group of friends who go around and insult people and make them uncomfortable.  They insinuate things designed to make people uncomfortable who in some cases never did anything to them first.  These kinds of behaviors are every bit as bad as when people mention the names of who they are attacking, cause the attacked usually knows it is about them anyway.


These kind of people do not build an atmosphere of support on this site (quite the opposite in fact) and _THEY_ are the ones who should be reported and removed from this site, not those who are objecting to their behavior.


As far as I know this website wasn't made to be a haven for childish immature humor being made at other user's expense, but rather a place for people to find support and likeminds.  I don't feel these immature ha-ha-heads have any place on this site.


If you are aware of this kind of rediculing of people's serious posts and serious purposes on here, please report the attacking users to keep this a kind and caring place.

ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I take in every single point that you are making here. But the facts are that as long as this remains an open Forum, then it *will* be abused. Like it or not, it is the nature of how this goes. 'Naming and shaming' doesn't get support, because in the main people don't want to get involved at any level; by the way, I don't suggest that you say this but I have seen it mentioned around and about.<br />
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I think the only way is to ingore those comments that are made out of malice (as you indeed say.) That's where I am at because as soon as we rise up to those who make themselves a nuisance it simply encourages them to carry on because they are getting support. Support doesn't mean that we support their cause, it means that in merely respondind and rising up to them they have got *exactly* what they set out to do. What also should be remembered is that they are 'fighting-factions' in here who are quite happy to pull each other apart without anyone else getting involved. In which case, I think it better to leaven them to themselves.<br />
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IMHO<br />
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And some other tips. Mainly, if we don't support people who do bad things, it makes them reconsider their actions in some cases...<br />
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I removed several people from my life on here who are friends with and publically support these people. That sends a message that "we don't agree with what you are doing"<br />
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Also, don't react to the drama. Just report it and go on enjoying the site. The worst offenders probably do it because we react to it in ways that amuses them. They need our response and feed off of such. Let's starve them. <br />
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If we cause them problems, not fun, they will leave and go screw up a website people other than we ourselves are using :-D