Power Generation For Free Or Almost Free

It's there for the taking............. in the air around you............... from cosmic sources and it's absolutely free.
Can you imagine no more power companies?
Can you see the significance of free energy for everyone in the world?

Can you envision the status quo of greed crumbling around you as you breathe easier for the cost of your existence?

Tesla foresaw the ability of such an application and was crushed by J.P.Morgan who saw a major threat to his ability to grow rich on the backs of the masses.

Tell me............ what would you do with such knowledge?

Would you actually try to rebuild that device and use it for yourself and to share it with others?

There are many devices that could lessen or free you from the power companies.

I wonder how many of you will ask me what I am talking about........... or how to find information on it.
There are sites that charge for the information but the charges are minimal compared to the amount you would be able to save in just one month from having no power bill.

I am in no way connected to those sites nor would I benefit in you acquiring the information.

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2012

If I had the knowledge, I would post it on the internet so everyone could have it. Lives would be changed overnight. Every family in the U.S. would save 200, 300, 500 dollars a month in utilities. Imagine what they would do to the economy and the stock market if that happened. Imagine the change in third world countries that don't have electricity. The benefit to society would be greater than any financial gains you would earn. You'd get the Nobel Prize and live forever. Edgar Cayce said we would have energy devices in our homes the size of water heaters that would provide energy. I hope it happens soon.

My father and brother are working on this project. It takes money though.

Yes the money is up front and minimal compared to the amount you would spend on the power delivered by the power companies

You miss the point LittleLena<br />
<br />
I am talking about you having energy for free cutting them the power companies out of the equasion