T.m.b; You Changed Me.

I can still remember the first day we met, you were so sweet...you knew about my self-harming, you cared about me. You told my mom, you would treat me like a princess...You have no idea how much i miss you, & think about you every day...we'll talk once every few months. I still can't belive you moved, if you didn't...maybe just maybe we would still be together today. You were & always will be my first love, Trevor. They say you never stop loving you're first love, it's true. I love you, & i hope you know i still do. I haven't seen you in almost two years.. i remember that day, you hugged me so tight & started crying. Gah, i miss you so much...
ScaarSkullington ScaarSkullington
13-15, F
Nov 18, 2012