My First Love

My first love was the best boyfriend I've ever had. :) we still connect through Facebook, Instagram, etc etc...

We were teenagers. High school sweethearts. I was a sophomore, he was a junior. He was really really smart and a very talented artist. He was super cute (still is)

We broke up maybe after 6 months of dating (standard HS relationship time eras) I believe it was because I was too weird. Lol I think he start gettin embarrassed of me cuz I wasn't really into clothes, shoes... Normal Georiga girls things. His brother used to always pick with me.. But whatever. I never was bothered by it

He joined the navy (I believe) one of those military groups. He has a girlfriend and a life. I am very happy for him. We still communicate, via Internet. I'm not a home wrecker, and of course were a gazillion miles away from each other. I'm glad he's doing good. I'm proud of the man he has become (:

Still love him (: ill still be here for him
BorderlineMind BorderlineMind
22-25, F
Nov 19, 2012