Spirituality Is Fine.

But justifying your ignorance with "God did it?" no. I had an argument with a girl about natural selection (which, luckily, as a theory, makes complete sense logically whether you are or are not ignorant.) She told me that God had made animals at diffeent times (which is how she explained different dog breeds to me.) As in, dinosaurs on day 6, because that's when he made the land mammals. I can't believe I'm wasting time ranting about this! She also assured me homosexuality was caused by child abuse. I rest my case. They're not even stupid in an original way.
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1 Response May 29, 2010

lol what? I would love it if you could explain more. In a tiny way I see what you are saying. I do believe in evolution, but maybe god created evolution? And knew that things would naturally have a way of recreating itself over and over again, but in a much longer sense. And I do believe that if a child is abused there are alot of traumas that can occur to them, mainly mental disorders (ie, include but not limited to eating disorders, split personality, or just plain acting out) however, in no way do I see how the whole population of 'homosexual' (i mean, i prefer same sex lovers or something) people could have all been abused. I believe that the majority of them were probably just born that way, with there background possibly increasing or decreasing there chances. There is a very slight chance that a very small portion (as in less than 3%, which is a percentage I am totally making up, but what I would estimate) could have possibly been abused numerous times by people of the opposite sex causing them fear that particular sex. On the flip side, people who have been abused multiple times can also start confusing the abuse as affection, therefore continuing to seek out people of that sex, as well. However, I am saying that this is POSSIBLE. And is absolutely in no way the norm. And honestly, why should it matter who someone loves? As long as they love back I don't really see the problem.