Organized Religion Vs. Organized Crime



In the bible guidelines were written to live by. They are known as the Ten Commandments. I have looked and I don’t see anywhere that is says….Thou shalt not cut your hair or thou shalt not drink. However there is one Commandment, with a promise. It states that if we honor our parents our days on the earth will be longer.


In all honesty if this were true I should have been dead by the age of 10. Religion to me is something people live by a few hours and week and nothing that they practice daily.


Organized religion and organized crime is basically the same thing with one difference. They are both organized to get people to listen and follow one man. Depending on the religion it could be a rabbi or priest even a good ole preacher. Still they follow him. The only difference I have noticed between the two is that the people in organized religion hide who they truly are to look good at their church buildings, organized crime is kind of "what you see is what you get." I would rather be able to what’s coming at me.


I found most people hide behind their religion to hide who they truly are. Maybe if religions were banned we would see real people…not who they pretend they are. We would defiantly see better people. Really, no one would have to worry about what the preacher or elders think. Without religion maybe people would be more honest and true to themselves.

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your title seems a little redundant. ( mean saying the same thing twice.)

At least an Atheist has to answer to himself and hence his fellow man. I've been screwed by "Christians" in business and never by an Atheist. Oh, and then don't get me going about how they want to be "free" and yet demand we all follow their laws.

Oh dear, Christians expecting people to follow laws. How awful