Religion is evil, that's the nicest way my mind will allow me to describe it. It corrupts and soils the minds of everyone. I'm absolutely sick and tired of hearing about god's "master plan" for all of us because there just plain isn't one. Random sh*t happens for no good, justifiable reason and I can't stand the constant sugarcoating that spews out of the mouths of most theists while they themselves are persecuting and killing people for not believing in the "one and true" god.

I have no positive feelings towards religion whatsoever and I've found that as time goes on I have more and more anger and hatred towards religion. Every aspect of it disturbs me to my very core.

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Amen to that!!!!

I very much agree with you

I think religions reflect humans' desire to control their world and their lives.By defining sacred patterns, we try to protect ourselves from the quirks of fortune.I sort of feel compassion for religious people that find solace through conversations with God (as I see it a socially-credited reflection of our conscience).Anger rises though when religion shows its other face, that is a powerful form of social control used by politicians that might disguise as preachers and spiritual guides. So beware.

This beith a subject thee would like to touch, yet gently so... Look, I agree with most of whhch has already been said... But in truth.. Pathetic as humanity might be, face it, they need their hope to survive out here!! Otherwise, we'd have a bloodbath of suicidal acts.. What's the point in living if they have no hope for the future or the after-life?.. We all need to live as a human to lean what we can from this living hell to take with us into our next life.. Heaven ain.,t next.. But you'll get there eventually.. Yeah, u should practice what u preach.. And I believe, for the temple is within us, we are a temple, why go to church..

I could not agree more Peeps, that's a great way of putting it. I especially like that quote by the pastor. People think in order to be moral, all they have to do is believe in god and go to church once a week. What a croc...but I suppose it's easier than getting off their self-righteous ***** and helping this crappy world

I absolutely agree. Its just a new high school click that gets together to worry about and judge everyone elses life. When they should all being looking at their stones before throwing them. I have had countless arguments on this. People stuck on their religion is the problem with this world. They sit there and watch and blame everyone else that isn't like them. Worry about you, your God and you being a better person. And read your own books cause if they did they would see hey I'm not respect my religion at all. <br />
A pastor once said the greatest single cause of atheism In the world is christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walks out the door and denies them by their life style. I walked out of church that day and never went back. People think they are better cause they go to church every sunday but than don't do anything to help a fellow man. Pshh pretty *** backwards if you ask me. Nice blog! People just need to mind their own business.

I could not agree more

I believe religion is a security blanket for those who can't cope with the fact that there is nothing there after you die.<br />
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It's kind of sad, actually.

Lol, I'd like to think so

Thank you, Lacey. I wouldn't expect people to hate it with the intensity that I do, lol.<br />
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Well put, it's nice to know people agree with me

"The world is my nation, and my religion is to do good." - Thomas Paine<br />
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Couple that with the golden rule, and presto, you have the basis for a superior morality without all the negative baggage (homophobia, misogyny, sexism, racism, etc) that religions like Christianity and Islam carry with them.