I am presently watching a tribe in Peru, the Waorani, which believes man and woman come from the anaconda. Let me ask this question...

No-one here is saved by Jesus. Mohammed was not their prophet. Joseph Smith didn't discover golden plates for them. The don't have Thetans.

Is it not obvious that all religion is man made?
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I like how everybody tries to back up their beliefs in the comments. But yes, all religion is man made based on the assumption that anybody above man wouldn't need religion. Probably why I respect the Buddhist philosophy of "God is within"

Much religion is indeed, man made, and is comprised of a set of rules about man reaching for God. But Christianity is different in that it describes how God reached out to man...and is more about a relationship between God & man, than anything else. That aspect alone sets Christianity aside. Besides from the fact that many, many archeological discoveries have confirmed biblical narratives time & again, even by atheistic archeologists. Again - no other "faith" has been backed up by so much evidence.

tjw747, it seems that you've not read arguments against your case. 'God is Not Great' clearly shows there is failed evidence or nothing found supporting the bible.

Be careful before you go about casually dismissing the claims of Christ. Wishing something or believing in it doesn't make it true either. Suggest that you examine the EVIDENCE of the claims of Christ, before making your final determination. OF all the religious leaders of the past he is the ONLY ONE who rose from the dead, and claimed in fact to be God himself. Either he was telling the truth, was a liar, or was insane. There is no other option. You might want to check out the DVD, "The case for Christ" by Lee Strobel. or the book entitled, "Evidence that demands a verdict"...

"Wishing something or believing in it doesn't make it true..."
I totally agree. That goes for any myth, including those contained in Christianity.
"OF all the religious leaders of the past he is the ONLY ONE who rose from the dead,"
Study the myths of other gods and you will find that in their narratives most have died and come back to life. It is a common theme, along with gods being born from a virgin.

Jesus is not the only character to claim to be god or come back to life from being dead.
The following is excerpted from the book, "On the Historicity of Jesus Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt" by Richard Carrier.
some features distinctive of a hero--type found in different religions and narratives:
"The hero's mother is a virgin.
His father is a king or the heir of a king.
The circumstances of his conception are unusual.
He is reputed to be the son of a god.
An attempt is made to kill him when he is a baby.
We are told nothing of his childhood.
On reaching manhood he returns to his future kingdom.
He is crowned, hailed, or becomes King.
He reigns uneventfully (i.e. Without wars or national catastrophes).
He prescribes laws.
He meets with a mysterious death.
He dies atop a hill or high place.
His body turns up missing.
Yet he still has one or more likely sepulchers (in fact or fiction)."
"Many of the heroes who fulfill this type also either (a) performed miracles (in life or as a deity after death) or were (b) preexistent beings who became incarnated as men or (c) subsequently worshipped as savior gods..."
Of these qualifying features, Jesus shares all three. Likewise, many who fit this hero type 'fulfilled prophecy', and although that was commonly the case for heroes generally (far beyond the specific hero-type described here), it is another feature Jesus shares in common with them..."
How much of this describes Jesus, as well as many other "heroes found in mythological literature?