The Ruins of Rome,greece,and Others!

I would think this would be interesting.To see where the Roman Senate once made laws.To see where many Christians once gave thier lives.To se the Pantheon(which means many gods) in Rome.To take in an imaginary concert in the Colesseum.And them to see St.Peters Basilica at the Vatican.Maybe even get a glimpse of the Holy See as he walks around.

Then its off to Greece.To see the once mighty Acropolis in Athens.And walk among the columns of the Parthenon.To go visit where the first Olympics were held.To gaze upon Mout Olympus.Then on to Ephesus to see where St.Paul preached.And there are many other places to see on the way.

Then to ancient and holy Isreal to gaze upon and touch the places where the prophets of the Torah walked.To see the places where Jesus walked and died.To look upon Jerusalem,close my eyes and imagine it as it once was so long ago.

Last but not least back to Europe to finally retrace the steps of my ancestors the Celts as they made thier way from central Europe thousands of years ago(they probably came there from somewhere else too) to the islands of Britian and Ireland.

Then on back home but not really home.Just homesick for the lands I may never see again after this trip.But I will always have the trinkets I purchased,lol!

irishknight1973 irishknight1973
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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

Me too!!! I agree and want to visit the "old country" to have a sense that some pretty interesting people had walked those same paths and visited or spoke in some of those same temples. Its quite humbling.