I Love Looking For Panties

I just love looking up skirts for the sight of a panty crotch. When I get the chance in a shop or in a public place I will always try to peep.
Over the years I have had many fantastic sightings. I like when women walk up the stairs and I am going down. I always time my descent to get a good glimpse of thigh. One time in a busy shop I was going down the stairs when I passed two ladies standing talking. My heart started pounding as I passed them as both were wearing skirts. They were in their twenties or thirties and their legs were great. It was summer time and the woman who had her back to the bannister was wearing a lovely lemon summer dress. As I walked down the stairs real slowly I looked up to see well shaped thighs and a pair of lemon panties to match the dress. The panties were worn on top of the tights. I fumbled in my pockets pretending to look for something in order to get a long look up the dress. I was there for a whole minute and didn't care if people who were passing saw me or not. I hurried down the stairs only to come back up again soon afterwards and take another long peep before moving up the stairs and walking past the two women. About a minute later I walked down again and took a quick final peep at this woman's panties - lovely.
My only disappointment was that I did not get a look up the other woman's skirt.
All this happened a long time ago when in my twenties and up skirt peeping was easier (in some ways) as women were more inclined to wear skirts.
I look forward to relating more up skirt pany sightings and hear other stories from members
Tomlook Tomlook
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Very erotic to see up a skirt and find cute panty waiting to be exposed.