My Wish Since At Least Ten Years Back...

It has been my wish to share her for more than 10 years already and she knows. She has known almost since the start - she was shocked at the beginning, but she has been more understanding with regard to my "perversity" nowadays. Still, she is in no way interested of letting it happen in RL...

It must be that she cannot really separate love from sex and right now, when she is not loving even me, I do not get any sex either, just forget it... so, in other words, maybe there aren't so much of her to share, after all... half or one third of nothing is still nothing...


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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Henry,<br />
Its a lovely strattegy you are using on her.

well maybe she just loves you soo much!i could understand that!

So hot goldminer - heaven?

About sharing mine is also same story.Yes at present I am also sexstarved.