She Is Sexless

My wife is absolutely stunning, gorgeous.... a few years after we got married, her sex drive went away nearly completely.  It is a shame that she is so beautiful, and I am married to her and SOOOO attracted, yet she is neuter... like plastic fruit.  Looks awesome, but its not.  I thought it was possibly me, and so for at least 10 years I have offered her the chance to sleep with other men.  She isn't even interested in doing that!  I have also hinted around at her sharing me, since she does not care to do the job herself, and ab-so-lutely not! She is like a well fed dog who does'nt want her bone but wion't share it, either. Its a sexual prison.  Just so you all know my principal fantasy revolves around her being seduced by well hung black men.... for all its worth.

sxadickt sxadickt
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There is certainly some pain her lukn4fun,sxadickt,and Dcuckw2b. At the moment my wife and I are still playing with the fantasy. I am lucky in that ,at least she talks about it. She will chat to guys on contact sites. They seem happy that she is not wanting a meeting at the moment. They are probably all married guys ,doing a bit of fantasising. everybody's happy. <br />
I think , Lukn4fun , that you are doing very well to keep your sanity ,in your situation.

I feel for you Sxadickt. You dont say wether you have closeness with your wife ,ie Kisses /Cuddles. For some women this is enough. It seems to be for my wife.<br />
You need to talk with her.<br />
Maybe pretzelboy has a point?

Seems there is no age limit to this phenomenon. My wife is only 26 years old, in the last 3 years we have only had sex about 20 times. This is partly due to me being away in the military, but even when I am home on leave, nothing is going on. She seems to always find an excuse to be upset with me right around the time for me to come home. I am significantly older than my wife, but I am willing to do her anytime, anyplace. She shows no interest in sex at all, just loves to cuddle and snuggle.

The danger in this situation Sxadickt,is that you just let things roll on. the months turn to years etc. My wife and I havnt had a sex life for 23 years. I get very very down and depressed about it. That low feeling invades other parts of my life . Its too easy for the refuser to say ....He isnt kicking up a fuss anymore so things are fine. They then get on with their lives while the refused gets more depressed. <br />
Try to sort things out.

My wife,Trish and I have started chatting to other younger guys on contact sites. She gets a lot of attention(which she loves ) I'm not sure if she will meet any of them,but its exciting enough as it is. So I suppose we are just playing with the fantasy,but it helps our sex life incredibly.

sxadickt - it sounds like your wife may have some of the same issues mine does...we now know she has a chemical inbalance between testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. Testosterone (I think) is the chemical that provides libido for women. I would suggest trying to get her to an endocrinologist - find a female --- they are typically more in tune and sensitive to women's hormones...many docs we saw 'don't deal with female specific issues.'

' Sex is like air ' very true.

Ha Ha. Yes Pamper.. that might be a good idea. I wish I could find a fantasy ( one of mine ,or one of my wifes,which we could both enjoy) ,which would make her breathe heavilly again. I know a lot of guys like Sxadickt fantasise about their wives with a black guy. With me it is about my wife with a much younger lover.<br />
Maybe thats insecurity on my part. A younger lover is perhaps much better sexually than I could be,but less competition and danger to me long term. I dont know. who knows why fantasies develop?

Pamperurft. In my wifes case,I dont think she does have any sexual fantasies...I wish she did have. I ,like you ,prefer to keep her the main character in my fantasies. She'd probably be disgusted about those fantasies. You say you tell her about your fantasies. What is her reaction?

Hi sxadickt. I have that Cuckold fantasy too. My wife is very pretty and trim. she certainly doesnt look the 56 she is. I wonder if these fantasies develop when our wives have a low sex drive. <br />
In our case,my wife doesnt really want sex with me ,let alone try it with someone else,so I doubt it will happen. <br />
I do find that these Cuckold/Hotwife fantasies keep me faithful because i fantasise about her.