My Wifesharing Fantasy

As the title suggests, this is not a real life story, although I wish it was. My wife and I have been married over 30 years, and she has never ****** anyone else. Although our sex life is still quite good, after this long things get kind of stale and boring. Same old same old. It would really spice things up if she would consent to bring someone else to our bed. Although I would certainly enjoy another woman, my preference is to see her with another man, and then maybe join in.

As opposed to many of the other hotwife stories, I'm not interested in having my wife date other men and then come home and tell me what happened. I'm not interested in being cuckolded or humiliated. I would simply like to watch my beautiful sexy wife getting her brains ****** out by another man. I enjoy watching people have sex, and there is no one I would rather watch than my wife. Although we are both in our 50's, most people peg us both at about 40. She is still petite and thin, and she still turns heads, although she has a hard time believing it. I would like to watch her being pleasured and ******* over and over. I can't completely appreciate her face in ****** when I'm part of the action.

Trouble is she is quite conservative when it comes to sex. We've discussed the idea of sharing, and she thinks I'm weird for not being jealous. She also claims that she's perfectly satisfied with one man. I'm certain that if it just happened and she got caught up in the moment, she would enjoy it immensely. Over the years I've gotten her to wear shorter skirts and to wear stockings and garters. I love sitting opposite her and getting a glimpse of stocking top or even bare thigh when she crosses her legs. I'm sure that some of her colleagues at work have enjoyed the same view. One of them has hit on her quite a lot, but I know that nothing ever came of it.

Here is the scene that I would like to see, although I have no way of making it happen anytime soon. If it ever does, I would love to share it with all my friends.

My wife and her lover are embracing. They are kissing passionately, his tongue exploring her mouth at the same time as their hands explore each others bodies. His hands slide down over her ***, tracing the line of her panties and then stopping to feel the bump of her garters. He had seen her stocking tops many times when she crossed her legs seductively as he sat opposite her in her office, he had even gotten a glimpse a few times of the bare skin of her thighs, but this was the first time he was able to feel them. He was enjoying every bit of this sexy married woman.
His hands slid under her skirt, raising it up so he could feel the creamy skin of her thighs above the stockings. His fingers brushed across her panties and she moaned, closing her eyes and kissing him even deeper. He began undressing her, unbuttoning her blouse and unhooking her bra, letting them both fall to the ground. He then unzipped her short gray skirt and pushed it down over her *** together with her red slip. She was now dressed in only her red panties and stockings and garter belt.
My wife then kneeled down in front of him and proceeded to unzip his pants, push them down, freeing his already hard ****. She took it into her mouth and started moving up and down on it, taking all of it in. It was incredible watching her full lips sucking on another man’s ****. After a few minutes he was about to ***, so she backed off and stood up. He caressed her nipples, and then he laid her down gently on the rug in front of her desk. He lowered his head and began to lick her *****, first along her lips, then concentrating on her ****. It didn’t take more than a minute for her to *** powerfully, as her moans got louder and louder, until she was screaming at him “**** me John, **** me hard!!”
He immediately obliged her, moving up her body, kissing her belly, then her nipples, then her mouth as he lined up his **** with her ***** lips. I heard her moan as he entered her, and then he was inside my beautiful wife. I watched as if in a trance as he thrust his big **** in and out of my wife’s *****, clearly enjoying ******* this married woman as her husband watched.Her stocking-clad legs were spread wide in a big V. He picked up the pace as they embraced tightly; my wife locked her ankles behind his back, putting her hands on his *** and pulling him in deeper. His balls slapped against her ***, and judging from how her entire body shuddered, she must have *** a few times. She finally driving him over the top. His balls twitched as he came, emptying his load deep into her married ****. They continued to embrace for a while, until they finally kissed and came back to the world.

Well, this what I would like to see some day. In the meanwhile, I would like to hear from any of you who share my feelings, or who have advice to offer. I also enjoy vicariously the pics of other people's wifesharing experiences, imagining that it's really my wife in the pic. Although I fully understand the need for privacy and confidentiality, I truly appreciate those pics featuring the wife's face. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman's face in ******.
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Jan 13, 2013