Im Scared

yesterday i found out tht i have a iron over load disorder 'HAEMOCHROMATOSIS' i have never even heard of it but wot i do now scares me. i wos born wi it and it only develops in ur twentys . i need to have lots of more test to c if any harm has been done allready. and coinsiden wi bipoler iv been told its gona get real bad.on till they kno wot med 2 put me on. got 2 have  1 pint of blood taken every mont 4 the rest of my life. honestly dont no any more .wish i wos the woman i wos,
moll moll
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What can you tell me now about the foods that contain iron? What can you tell me now about the disease? what can you tell me now about the contraception you are on and how important it is to have a period every month to help you deal with this disease? <br />
Today you're a victom of the disease and tomorrow you are a surviver among those who are new to it!<br />
You might be the one to help unfold what the disease is all about, just by being some one that has it!<br />
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There are side effects to this disease like constipation. Not a subject open for discussion amoung the general public; but if you suffer from this disease it may be nice to know that this is a sign you need to watch your diet when suffering from<br />
Don't be afraid to change something in you're life. It happens when you stop feeling like the victom of something and start feeling like you're the survivor of it!

better to find out now and do something about it - than live in pain or worse.

It's always a little frightening to be newly diagnosed. It's gonna be ok! <br />
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Although, I've never heard of this either, I read what myspip wrote and it's encouraging. : )<br />
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A normal life hmmmm... what's that? lol! Just kidding. You will adjust and adapt with time. Give yourself all the care and love and assurances you need. <br />
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I wish you well!<br />

Don't worry. You will be fine :)<br />
You are lucky that they found out quite early; they can completely prevent the late effects of haemochromatosis (which can be severe):<br />
<br />
Following passage is taken from <br />
Treatment<br />
Early diagnosis is important because the late effects of iron accumulation can be wholly prevented by periodic phlebotomies (by venesection) comparable in volume to blood donations. Treatment is initiated when ferritin levels reach 300 micrograms per litre (or 200 in nonpregnant premenopausal women). <br />
<br />
Every bag of blood (450-500 ml) contains 200-250 milligrams of iron. Phlebotomy (or bloodletting) is usually done at a weekly interval until ferritin levels are less than 50 nanograms per litre. After that, 1-4 donations per year are usually needed to maintain iron balance. <br />
<br />
So don't lose hope, you will be fine :D<br />
You'll get used to it and live a normal life anyway! =)