1) I seen my dad kill a scorpion when I was a kid. Can't remember its size but I do recall it's black. Nasty, it was.

2) I have attended a dinosaur exhibit before. It was so cool that I went twice. Bought some dinosaur merchandise there :)

3) I fear roller coasters as much as rats fear hawks.

4) I picked up bass guitar and drums about three or four years back.

5) I love Roald Dahl's books! They are the stuff of writer legends! I am sure there is only a few who don't like books like 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' or 'Matilda' or 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.

6) I wonder if I would be able to breathe the same air that wooly mammoths and sabre tooth tigers breath (haha this is real random)

7) I have punched a friend in the nuts before. Haha it wasn't a real hard one. Just rough play.

8) I have seen the same friend throw a mop like a spear during a water fight. Things were pretty wild and exciting then.

9) I love comedy movies. Kick *** is one of them. White Chicks is one of them. They can be quite vulgar though.

10) I have seen monitor lizards near my house before. There's a marsh/mini jungle outside so yeah, I am sure they have a breeding nest or two there.
Iancharles Iancharles
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I'm gonna have to get you over your fear of roller coasters...

Just hold my hand tight whenever we get on any roller coaster

Okay. But I might let go I put my hands up and scream.