I Would Love To

I would love to speak many languages. There are at least three others I would like to learn, but all I know is English-- the language I have spoken and written my whole life. I took Spanish for two years in middle school and failed both times lol, even though it's supposed to be an easy language to learn. Maybe the fact that I didn't particularly care to learn that language but was being forced to by the school, had something to do with why it was so hard for me to learn. But I plan on taking classes in at least one of the languages I want to learn within the next two to three years, so hopefully those classes will go better than my Spanish class in middle school lol.
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4 Responses Jun 5, 2010

It's always good to learn another language no matter how long it mighjt take.. as long as you keep at it! I say this because it opens doors for me in terms of work

I would like to learn Spanish too.i'm still looking for a good place to learn it..

I think I might have passed it if I had actually wanted to learn it, but since I didn't care to know Spanish, I think that's why I failed. I didn't even try to learn it lol.

I want to learn Spanish too!