You Only Need Passion!

Any language is easy to learn if you are passionate about it.  Think of it as any sport or other activity (painting, writing...): if you enjoy it and put the time and energy, you can do it.  Some people are great soccer player, others swim like fishes... I'm not like them put I did put efforts in languages learning and it paid off.

I was the worst student in English classes (I was raised in French) until I got to University.  Two years before going to University, I even started learning Russian (that was before the age of Internet, during "Communist era", so very few material available to learn that language).  I went on with Spanish, German and later Japanese.  As a young student at the University, I made plans to spend a summer in Europe to attends intensive classes in German (2 months in a Goethe Institute in Germany and 1 month in Madrid).  Later, thru work, I had to learn italian.  I could testity that the more you learn foreign languages, the easier it gets to learn a new one.  I also discoverd that once you dream in a language, it is acquired for good: you might not have a perfect knowledge of it, but you can be sure that you won't forget it that easily.  Today I can understands fairly easily 5 languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish and German) but still need a 3-days immersion period before being able to speak those last 3 languages without interference from other languages.  My knowledge would have been better if I had put the time in practicing those language but I figure I can still get along with a dictionnary close-by! ;)

Nowadays my basic knowledge in Russian helped me in getting, very quickly, a basic knowledge in Polish and Serbian that were quite usefull in my work.  Now I'm reviewing my Japanese (learned 20 years ago...) and learning basic Korean and Mandarin Chinese for a business trip planned in 2 months.  I know the time I put in learning those new languages might be lost after the trip (I might forget what I have learned...) but I am confident that it remains a very good exercice for the brain (memory and plasticity).  In the worst case scenario, it might prevent early memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer!  ;-))

The goals you will set for yourself are attainnable, no matter what the circomstances or the environment.  And with all those tools and resources avaiable on Internet today, learning any foreign language is easier then ever before.  Go ahead, convince yourself that you can be as good of a language star than any sport star or music star.
Cherchedefis Cherchedefis
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1 Response Mar 13, 2011

After years of telling myself I could not learn french I changed my attitude and for a couple of months have started to learn. I am surprised at how quickly I am picking it up. Nice to read your story. Cu :)