I Love Foreign Languages

I love their sound, that feeling you get when it stops sounding foreign and chaotic and turns into understandable, and teaching someone the language once you know it yourself.

My native one being English, I wish to learn a whole bunch of them! The first ones I wanna learn are Hawaiian, Gaelic, Russian, Xhosa, and Aramaic. I know most of those aren't real common but they're interesting to me. The only one I've studied is French, and that was just for high school. It was either that one or Spanish or Latin. My school didn't have a lot of languages. In college and later in life I plan to learn a more interesting one.

I love languages so much, I make up my own. I'll be showing it to a teacher next week. I'm exicted because after a while working on it, it's really starting to pull itself together :) It has its own sound. I love it.
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1 Response Nov 4, 2011

Your opening paragraph expressed exactly what it is that I try to explain to people when they ask why I enjoy language learning so much.
Points for you making your own language - I started abut 3, but have yet to finish any because of uni work.