Im A Multilingual Girl ...


I Can Speak Few Languages ..

I love the arts of languages ...

Languages are so sexy and fascinating to me ...

Right now I can only speak English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, German and French ..

But I'd really love to learn Spanish and Portuguese ...

I can never get bored of learning new languages ...


DollyDiva DollyDiva
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21 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I'd like to be like you!

I can't speak Spanish but I'd really love to learn :)

thats awesome, i only speak english and some spanish & portueguese....would love to learn more tho

Aww Thks ! <br />
<br />
I guess its because Im so stupid at Math lol<br />
But I love science though ..<br />
I think the most important factor to learn languages is "Motivation" ,, Thats my key ;)

OMG I dont even know what are those languages !<br />
How could you be soooo Genius ?! LOL

with my pleasure ,,<br />
<br />
Thank you :)

The other day I was teaching my daughter I love in as manu languages that I could, I should show her this.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing this

muchas gracias ! <br />
Montrue, Kissy is still with me now & I gotta fly in 4 hrs time lol

I can use sign language, does that count? When I was a young teenager and had my silly little fast food job, they would always come and get me if anyone deaf ever came in. <br />
<br />
I'm impressed Angel! I would give anything to know more than one language. Especially Spanish. I'm half Mexican, but my mexican father never took the time to teach it to me.

I dont have msn lol<br />
I have skype <br />
I will pm you :D !

awww you seem pretty good at it already!<br />
But you can maybe add me on msn if you want to?

I want to learn Italiano !<br />
Grazie Mille :D

Ahhhh i should of came with you when i needed help with my french homework then lol<br />
And there was me thinking i was cool because i could speak full english and italian & a fair bit of portuguese but you take coolness to the next level my friend! Keep it up and if you ever want some help with italian you know who to turn to, i'd be more than happy to help (=

Exactly, to learn languages aren't only helpful for better career but also make you know more about its cultures and tradition as well :)<br />
<br />
And u've said "being from india" well, <br />
<br />
Na mas te' !

Genki desu. Anata wa ? :)

yes, and that's English ;)<br />
so after that is our choice right ?<br />
and my goal is 10 languages,<br />
now i'm at step 6: Deutsch Lol ~

There many beautiful languages in the world, but I think we should all learn one basic language to be able to communicate well.

Absolutely :)<br />
Thks both of you for comments & weet words sacred<br />
> < ~

you are so smart cherry! it takes a lot of work to know that many languages and speak them as fluently as you do! don't forget that.

First of all I'm Asian mixture of Thai-Chinese-Japanese,<br />
So these are my mother languages :)<br />
Then English is important for all students !<br />
& French is my selective since I think it sounds beautiful :)<br />
<br />
Languages are amazing you can speak multi languages if you really give them time and interests > < ~

Wow! How did you get to learn those? I wish I can be multilingual. I want my career to be a translator and a medical interpreter.