Hablo Español E Inglés

 I have not been able to practice my spanish much in many years and am losing my ability to remember the language I was once very fluent in.  This makes me sad.  I wish I knew more languages fluently.  I feel like they are the gateway to the world.  Communication is the most important thing in the world.

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yus gots that rioght mewold aint nuttin wrong wit it at tall

Ah shucks. Taint nuttin wrong wit good ole Amieicon.

my BF can speak russian he loves it. and yes it is a beautiful language.

Yes. <br />
Russian, now that's a pretty language.

i think other languages are prettier than spanish though...

Yo comprende Espanol muy pequito, pero Espanol es bonito y mi gusto mucho.

hahahhaha lmao :) yes! and he thought he knew spanish!

At least you know I love you in Spanish is te amo<br />
not ti amo :)<br />
<br />
That's more than enough !