I Wish It Was That Easy

I speak, read and write in 3 languages, am kind of fluent in all. But there are some languages I want to learn, including French, Spanish and German.

Thanks CerrieBomb, nice experience.

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Thank you, but here I am common! I know people who talk 5 languages

So, I have to learn it the slow way! since I am happily married. Thanks for the tip

well the fastest way is to get into bed with a person who speaks the language you wanna learn and **** like bunnies. not academic but it sure works !

Easy for you to say, you already know 5! Wow, thank you for your comment

I speak 5 languages fluently but I find its easier to learn a new language after you've learnt a couple already. When you free your mind off the construction or grammar or flow of how you think a language is supposed to be put together it all becomes as lot easier.

Yes, makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because I have been wasting my time, and happy to have such smart friends.<br />
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Thank you Steve, for being one of my smart friends.

I'm not younger but I agree there are a lot of smart cookies here. That's why I like it compared with other places where there are too many maniacs

Thanks for that free English class, it's hard to keep up with such bright people! everyone here speaks 4 to 5 languages, and they are about 10 years younger than me!

Well I am still running my english lessons here before moving onto anything else. <br />
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go raibh maith agat

Wow! you are amazing! 5 languages and you are under 21! I admire you.

I'm learning German as well ;)<br />
I like to learn languages > < ~<br />
but sometimes they are mixed up in my head ~<br />
(it's 5 languages already)

You are so young you can become fluent when you are my age.

@ Mancutout: I don't have the honor of speaking Azeri, I have some friends who speak that language and I can understand it a bit.<br />
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@ Danascus: Wow! you know so many languages! Never heard of Klingon before, thanks for that, I will google it, and I'll add it to my list.<br />
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Thank you very much for your comments

I can speak English fluidly, my German isn't that bad either. And Latin (which I was forced to take in high school) is completely useless.<br />
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You should learn Klingon instead of German. Klingon sounds less angry XD plus you cold communicate with every Trekkie in the world.