Spoiling a Woman

It is not a question of wanting to, it is a question of finding what does she want most.

I have found in my 16 years that she loves her feet to be rubbed since she is on them all day long and also enjoys a good massage from time to time. 

Making dinner for you and her after her work (if she works late).

If possible taking her starbucks (if she likes it) or a peach tea to her work if she can't get out.

Wash & detail her car.

If your living together, clean the house, if not clean her house.  They love that.

And yes women also like the trips and the jewelry and gifts, but if they have had a hard day at work the thing that I find she likes most is being able to come home and just relax and not worry about someting else for a few hours.

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It also depends on your upbringing and how your parents were when you were young! I just know I learned that a real man practices what he preaches and doesn't just full around. He may even be cautious of his actions around others. May even be protective versus being aggressive. Men should know that without us there won't be them. Just note that not everything can easily be forgotten. I applaud for your contribution to this network!-Nichollee

That is great Kara that he will be there for you and if he sweeps you off and carries you over the threshold that would be very romantic...

Most of the time it is the simple things that are overlooked so much.

You seem to have it exactly right. Too many guys think that they have to break they're banks in order to please women with expensive gifts. Often, however, its the smaller things we appreciate !

Oh yes, I am going to pamper here and may have to buy stock in Johnson & Johnson!!!! HA!!!!

I would love to be rubbing your feet Pix... Little salt scrub and lotion... MMMMM Soft and tender...

I like my feet rubbed too even though I'm not on my feet all day :-)

When did you move out of TX?<br />
<br />
Been there for years myself. <br />
<br />
Yes I am one of a dying breed, one that actually cares to make sure a woman is treated like a woman and to have the chores of the typical woman taken care of for a change, almost like a vacation for a time.<br />
<br />
She trained me right in the fact that if we both work I am not going to be sitting on my *** and have her do all of the work.

Yes well done MT...you know how to treat a woman...glad to know that there are still men out there like that...Where were you hiding when I lived in TX....LOL...just teasing...

therein lies the secret.....what she wants most....not what you want most for her....well done mtvlm

any women you get will be blessed :)