Horrible Day!!

a really horrible day today. And it is not over yet....

First I forgot to take my wallet so I did not have any money to pay the bus fare. The bus driver did not want to take me, I was already late for work, it started to rain... some nice woman paid my fare (THANK YOU). I have never been more embarrassed. Then I found out I also did not take my other wallet with my credit cards so I could not collect my trousers from the tailor. later, already at work, I found out that I did not take my summary I prepared for my appraisal. and my boss OF COURSE had to ask for that today! then I noticed I did not take my pen drive so I could not take my work home. I made Spiro fix my work email box though so I could access it from home. Well.... it is NOT WORKING!!!

It turns out as well that everything I worked on yesterday just disappeared from my laptop and I have to start over from the scratch again!


Oh, and my heel got stuck on that bloody cobblestone path again!!!

what a lovely day it has been. I WANT TO SCREAM!!!!!

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1 Response Jun 26, 2007

Thats quite a whopper of a day. Perhaps a nice long bath is in order, before you get back to anything to do with work.