Time Off

It is very strange. Back in June I thought I was the most miserable person on the world. I thought I could not take it anymore. I thought I could not deal with all of my problems. I was scared I was losing it again. I was scared I could do something very stupid... and I would not even have the chance to regret it afterwords.

My worries did not disappear. They are still here with me somewhere... I am the one who is changing. I decided to take some time off and just not think about them for a while. I know it is limbo but it works! I will grow stronger and deal with them later. When I am able to face all that crap.

I really did not like myself some time ago. I was so uptight I lost a lot of weight during the last weeks which was not needed and SO not healthy. I did not realise it until somebody called me "ant" - big head small butt lol. The good thing about it is I am REALLY slim ;-). I have altered all my trousers (suddenly they have become too big) ...... so now when my weight seems to be coming back it is kinda bad thing because I have to alter them again ;-)

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31-35, F
Jul 21, 2007