I'm Rather New To This.

I suppose I would like to understand it better. I was recently introduced, and I am very interested.
I don't expect camera talk or sex or anything. I would just like to talk about this with someone who shares this similar interest, as I haven't before. I suppose, being new to it, i'm kind of shy to it. But I feel as though I want to just look into it. I'm eighteen, never really been into anything before. I suppose one could say i'm a bit ignorant to this part of the world. I suppose I would just like to have a friend, someone whom I could talk about anything with, as this isn't a topic in which many people talk about. I was suprised to find out that there are people who like this other than myself. Most of them i've seen are men. But, I figured I would see if anyone responded to this.
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1 Response May 25, 2012

I'm actually interested in chatting if you'd like. & maybe once your more comfortable I could control your bladder, or we could role play. Two things I much enjoy doing. But, I'll never want cam or sex either. It makes me uncomfortable. So, if you want to chat or have questions and you want t talk, message me ? and add me to your circle(: